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It’s almost school holiday time and that means families all across Australia will soon be heading away for a few weeks for some much-needed rest and recovery, however, how do you stay strict with your diet and fitness goals throughout this time? Well, I’ve got some tips that can help you stay


It’s important to plan ahead so that you can make sure you’re not gorging yourself to start the day and overeating throughout the day. If you know you have a big dinner with friends that night, have a lower calorie breakfast and lunch so that you can enjoy the meal in the evening and not feel guilty later on. Knowing what events you have on will give you a chance to prepare your meals in a manner in which you can still control how much you’re eating.

Set Goals

If you set yourself a few goals to reach while on holidays, you’ll keep up the motivation you had before heading away. This gives you a reason to go for that run, or not have seconds of dessert, to keep you on track and wanting to achieve your holiday goal upon your return. This will give you a great mindset while on holidays also, keeping you from building bad habits, like eating poorly for a few days in a row.


You will be out of your normal routine, but finding the time to improvise your schedule is key. If you usually go for a run in the evening, try moving it to the first thing in the morning, in case you end up making plans for the afternoon. This means you will be able to get your workouts in, without compromising your holiday plans.


Let’s be real, everyone on holiday indulges a little more than they do at home, but don’t let it become a daily ritual. You can have a day where you ‘cheat’ a little bit more, but making sure you go back to your routine beforehand is the key. It’s also satisfying to go for a workout with no time constraints, like making it to work on time, or having to pick the kids up from school. This can actually make exercising more enjoyable on holiday.

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